About Us

Roadmaster Automotive Products (RAP)


   Is dedicated to providing the Australian automotive aftermarket with the highest quality products. We offer something our competitors can't match, knowledge and a broad range of Passenger and Commercial Vehicles components. 

 Established in 1967 and known throughout Australia, for their reputation as the leading clutch and brake componentry specialist. Their coverage of their local area and other parts of Australia grew quickly.

Its core business back in those days was brake shoe bonding and clutch rebuilding.

During the 2000's the brand Roadmaster Automotive Products (RAP) was launched. Throughout the 2000’s RAP has sourced automotive compontents from the worlds leaders in the automotive sector and has experienced a significant expansion of product range.


  We currently import, and locally source and wholesale quality brake, clutch, and other products for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Our aim is to be the recognised as a leader in the supply and delivery of our products. Our range is comprehensive and current, and will remain so through the knowledge of the owners and their dedicated staff. Roadmaster Automotive Products do not sell to the public.