Disc Brake Rotors

   We source locally and internationally a range of quality brake disc rotor. Our range is comprehensive and current, and will remain so through local and global sourcing by a team associated and working in the BRAKE brake industry. Our knowledge and affiliation with some of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive component, who have had international success in supplying to OE (original equipment) standards, underpins our position as one of Australia’s quality supplier.


Often neglected, the Brake Rotor is as critical to a car’s braking ability as Brake Pads. Without the Brake Rotor, the brake pads will have nothing to clamp down on to stop the wheels spinning. It is this friction caused by the pads clamping down on the Brake Rotor that completes the function of the braking system that slows and stops the car wheels from spinning, thus stopping the car. Understandably then, choosing a good quality high performing Brake Rotor is as critical as choosing brake pads. Together they perform as one united component– combining to provide the stopping power needed in normal operating conditions as well as in high stopping emergency situations. It is not easy to differentiate between two Rotors from two different manufacturers. What is important is not just the outside aesthetics and dimensions. Critical to performance is the manufacturing process and its components –vane design, chemistry, metallurgy, casting methods and precision machining.


The manufacturing processes does not compromise on exacting standards necessary for top performance once the Brake Rotors are put into service. It cannot be stressed enough that brake pads, with the correct pad material, must be used to improve braking performance and longetivity of expensive Brake Rotors. It is false economy to use worn out brake pads on new Brake Rotors. This can cause dangerous “hot spots” on the Rotors resulting brake fade, poor stopping power and damage to the new Rotors. So always replace your worn brake pads when replacing brake rotors. Roadmaster Brake Rotors are available for a variety of applications. Be sure to choose the correct Rotor for your vehicle. All Roadmaster brake rotors are manufactured to match the exact OE fit, OE construction, and precision finishing to ensure quick and easy installation, as well as trouble-free functionality for the life of the rotor.

Roadmaster Brake Rotors are designed to provide the finest braking experience – from break in throughout the life of the rotor.