Brake Hose and Tubing

Roadmaster and Brake Hose Australia: Rubber brake hose , Braided brake Hose and steel Bundy Tubing


 Rubber Brake Hose:

Most braking systems with boosted assisted brakes obtain pressures of approximately 1500psi. The estimated life of a typical 'rubber' brake hose is 6 years, brake hoses could appear OK but it's when they are subjected to extreme pressures in an 'emergency stop' is when they need to be in good condition to handle this stress. Always use quality Roadmaster Rubber Hose.




 Braided Brake Hose:

Old-Fashion rubber brake hoses traditionally fitted to cars and bikes are fast becoming overtaken. When it comes to an economical way of improving brakes, fit Roadmaster  Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses and you will improve safety and enhance your braking performance. Hoses are made with the finest quality PTFE (the best Teflon) stainless steel braided brake hose with PVC cover PTFE (Teflon) tube are made from the best raw material, T62 of DuPont,

    Teflon 62 possesses excellent properties including: A wide working temperature range (-60°C to +260°C); Inertness to almost all chemicals; Resistance to weathering & ageing; Non-flammability; Extremely low frictional properties; Outstanding electrical properties…


                                         Improve Safety and Enhance Performance.

                                         Reduce braking distance during emergency Stop.

                                         Eliminates pedal sponginess.

                                         Allows immediate brake pedal response.

                                         Increases brake efficiency.

                                         Abrasion and Corrosion resistant.

                                         Compatible with all recommended brake fluids.





 Bundy Tube:

Zinc-plated and Stainless steel tube.

Main Characteristics: Excellent mechanical property, extremely good inside cleanness and nice foundation for late process. Available in sizes 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8