Disc Brake Pads

The underlying philosophy behind all NiBK friction materials is based on a single fact that no single formula is able to deliver the ideal characteristics necessary for top performance and reliability for all applications. That is why each NiBK friction formula is individually created for optimal performance in the specific vehicle type it is used for.

NIBK dustless brake pads


 Conventional  automotive and light industry  vehicles.

Different materials are needed to cover an extensive range of applications in automotive and industrial vehicles. Each formula is optimally brewed for its specific purposes in each vehicle class it is used for. All the materials are environmentally friendly - with lowest brake dust levels to protect the environment and keep your rims free of unsightly brake dust. Nibk guarantees drivers highest road safety with high resistance to FADE (brake power loss in extreme situation). The extensive available range of options ensures comfortable and effective brake feel for each different car and driving style. It also ensures safety and long life of your brake rotors.

 Sport oriented Formulas.

Features proven performance materials.

Material from this group are specifically engineered for sport applications to create great braking force. The unmatchable resistance to heat and fast heat recovery provides high performance needed in top levels of competitive motoring like rallies and circuit racing. It should be used only with sport designed rotors and calipers to achieve the desired performance.

 Heavy Duty Formulas.

Fabricated with a combination of Rock Wool and Steel Fibre for Large Off-Highway Vehicles such as Cranes and Off-Road Trucks. It has high structural integrity and known for its long service life, friendliness to the rotor and all round consistency of performance.