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Brake caliper kits:


    Contain all items needed to rebuild a disc calipers on one car front or rear.

 The piston seal is the main item in and it is done by EPDM material with excellent resistance to high temperature and aggressive environment like brake fluid or road cleaning chemicals. The laser cutting technology provides perfect geometry of angles that guaranties good sealing. It also helps to retrieve piston back from pad one brake pedal release. It’s remain good flexibility on for a long time despite the aging process. The working temperature range for SB seal is extremely wide from -40С up to +300С.

Caliper Pistons:


  A range of steel brake caliper pistons along with our caliper kits are a great combination

Piston seal kits:


Clutch slave cylinder kits including the piston/spring, in all the common sizes

Engineered to exacting OE Specifications, AISIN Clutch Kits combines ideal clutch

components to deliver optimal drivetrain efficiency. Providing ideal power transfer

with precise pedal feel, AISIN Clutch Kits are always OE Matched.

Premium quality AISIN Clutch Cover

and Disc conveniently packaged in

one box.


• OE quality bearing(s) and vehicle

specific alignment tool included

for trouble-free installation.


• Innovative packaging with dual

layer inserts, patented CLEARPAK

for easy viewing and support (no

cutting required), and hologram

sticker for authenticity.


AISIN’s original equipment technology and know-how is applied to design and engineer

hydraulics. Each part is manufactured vehicle specific, ensuring product quality and reliability.

• Precision honing of hydraulic

cylinders are monitored under

OE quality control standards.


• Anodizing and "Kanizen" plating of

cylinder bodies strengthens surface,

ensuring smooth operation of the

piston, and resists corrosion.


• Heat resistant and extended

life Ethylene Propylene Rubber

(EPDM) seals prevent leakage.


Clutch Hydraulics

Clutch kits